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Quantitative Trading and Client Management for Trading Startups

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Develop Your Strategy

Correlation Markets provides a Python-based development environment for developing your trading strategy.

Integrated with the Interactive Brokers API for market data, paper trading and live trading.

Inegrated with the St. Louis Federal Reserves FRED API for economic data.

Backtest, Paper Trade, and Trade

Our integrated Jupyter Notebook server will allow you to quickly and easily execute and backtest your Python strategies.

Next, promote your stategy to our paper trading environment.

And finally, begin trading in our live trading environment.

Build to Fifteen

The next step in building your firm is to build your assets under management by attracting your first 15 clients.

The Investment Advisers Act of 1940 allows an Investment Advisor to have up to 15 client account before that Investment Advisor is required to register with the SEC.

Other securities registrations may be required, depending on the type of securities you are trading and how you are trading them. We'll help advise you on that.

Scale It

Finally, complete your SEC and other registrations and continue to scale your assets under management.



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